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82.50 Exchange Rate $5.50 Transition Fees


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Unlock global financial possibilities. Easily create your account today to access a wide range of banking services tailored to your needs, wherever you are in the world.


Attach bank Account

Safely attach your bank details to enjoy seamless transactions. Ensure secure transfers and convenient access to financial services by providing accurate information for smooth banking experiences.


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Easily send money worldwide with our convenient transfer services. Whether it's across borders or to loved ones abroad, trust us for swift, secure transactions that meet your needs.

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Why Choose Us

Get World Class & Fastest Online Payment Service

Experience hassle-free transactions with our online payment services. Secure, convenient, and fast, our platform ensures seamless payments for all your purchases and financial transactions, anytime, anywhere.

Low Costing

Choose us for low-costing solutions that save you money while meeting your financial needs efficiently.

Safe & Secure

Opt for our secure and safe platform, ensuring your transactions and information remain protected at all times.

Live Support

Count on our live support for immediate assistance, ensuring a smooth and reliable banking experience whenever you need help.


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Our Services

Get the Bank United online Banking

24/7 Access:

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your accounts and performing transactions anytime, anywhere, without the constraints of traditional banking hours.

Secure Encryption

Benefit from robust encryption protocols that safeguard your personal and financial information, ensuring confidentiality and protection against cyber threats.

Transaction History:

Easily track and monitor your past transactions, empowering you to manage your finances effectively and stay informed about your spending habits.

Mobile Banking:

Seamlessly manage your accounts on-the-go through dedicated mobile apps, offering features like mobile check deposit, fund transfers, and bill payments for ultimate convenience.

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Online Shopping

Shopping Online made easy with Bank United Cards

Unlock seamless online shopping experiences with our bank cards. Enjoy secure transactions, exclusive discounts, and convenient payment options, making your purchases hassle-free and rewarding every time.

  • Cards that work all across the world.
  • Highest Returns on your investments.
  • No ATM fees. No minimum balance. No overdrafts.
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You Can Find All Things You Need In Our App

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Goal Setting

Manage Your Money With our Online Banking Solution

Effortlessly manage your finances with our online banking solution. Track expenses, transfer funds, and set savings goals conveniently, ensuring financial control and peace of mind.

  • Learn To Budget
  • Create An Emergency Fund
  • Get Out Of Debt
  • Save And Invest Your Money